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About us


Alfannalraqi and Highlight Start Technical Services is a fully licensed and trusted company from same group, with more than 10 years of experience along with 250 talented and experienced employees. Our company has a very good, genuine and a authentic professional team which is certified and qualified in UAE. We offer you a very reasonable rate but the motive of our company would be to provide you the best Handyman Services. Company also offers you an hourly basis price. Al Faan Al Raqi gives there maintenance and renovation service for Villas, House Apartment, Shops, Office, Hotel and Hospitals.

Are you in need of a handyman service? All kinds of services can be at your door 24/7 by just one call +971585905841 in Sharjah , Dubai, Ajman. Al Faan Al Raqi Cleaning and maintenance service includes From Plumbing, Electrical service, Interior fit out, House and Wall Painting, Curtain Fixing , Hanging Pictures and Shelves, TV Mounting, Furniture Assembly, IKEA Furniture fixing, Gypsum False Ceiling and Partition, Carpentry and Repairs, Drain Repair, Toilet Repair, Light Fixtures, Electrical Services, Moving Help and Home renovation.

Since Our Company has been providing services for more than 10 years now, we have got an ample amount of experience in this field Cleaning, Handyman and building maintenance service and have completed numerous jobs in Sharjah , Ajman and Dubai. And the best of all we have is our Handyman Team Services which is very good in the work of maintenance which will give you the ease of relief. We know how to provide the earliest, the best and the fastest quick service which will satisfy our customers. Our professional team use best latest and specialized tools for maintenance service.

Ever since our inception, we've been delivering quality cleaning and maintenance services to those who’ve asked these folks. Our maintenance services have made us into what we are today. we've crossed numerous milestones and attained this stature only because we've resolved to place the customer first and display unwavering professionalism in every facet of our being. Alfaanalraqi encompasses everything good about maintenance and cleaning that we are ready to deliver top-notch quality to those in need. This has made it possible for us to include disparate services. We are here to assist you to solve the problems of maintenance, and cleaning that we see ourselves because the people that can shoulder that responsibility for you, supplying you with time to specialize in more pressing matters, while we get on with implementing our first-class service to satisfy you.

Our Vision

We have resolved ourselves to hold out top-notch building maintenance, cleaning to residences and commercial spaces across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman where we look out for each aspect of repair and renovations. Our versatility also enables us to require care of your children so nurture them once you are away.


We have been ready to rise steadily throughout the years and convey satisfaction to tons of our clients because we've held steadfast to those values and have applied them fiercely:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Customer First

Alfaanalraqi is a web marketplace that gives quotes and online bookings for moving, home services, and insurance through an in-depth network of quite 200 partners. Alfaanalraqi, customers can read detailed service offerings and user reviews of every provider before selecting which company to use.Founded in Dubai in 2010, Alfaanalraqi has grown to four cities within the Middle East, with plans to expand within the MENA region and beyond.

What we do

Alfaanalraqi allows you to quickly and simply find the simplest companies within the UAE for love or money you would like round the home.Whether you're trying to find multiple quotes for a world move or have an urgent maintenance request, our goal is to enhance customer experience by reducing the time spent researching different companies and comparing their prices. We founded Alfaanalraqi because GCC residents often struggle to seek out household service companies that meet their needs. There are many service companies operating within the market that provide little information on price and quality of service. As a result, the straightforward task of picking a service provider can become a time-consuming job. We aim to require the time and uncertainty out of this experience for each customer.

We are a multicultural company that encourages diversity and originality within the workforce to realize common goals. Establishing a well-defined sphere during which different ideas could also be freely expressed within the pursuit of a uniform objective is important to cultivating a harmonious and receptive working environment, one that has enabled Alfaanalraqi to adopt various innovations.

  • Efficiency
  • By acquiring the proper technology and tools, and refining procedural methods to cater to our clients’ particular needs.

  • Quality
  • By employing highly qualified technicians and training them to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction whenever.

  • Teamwork
  • By investing in our team and promoting a positive community wherein all employees are ready to contribute to their fullest potential and thus feel integral to the company’s progress by sharing equivalent ideas, goals, and company benefits. Alfaanalraqi is quite a maintenance company, it's a promise to supply high-quality service which will help make the planet a far better one green home at a time.

Home Maintenance Company in Dubai with an Eco-friendly Focus

Need your air-con system repaired? Want to revamp your home with a fresh coat of paint? Whatever home project you've got in mind, Alfaanalraqi possesses you covered. With a multicultural team of diverse talents, everyone in our company pursues the common goal of enabling our clients to travel green, while we offer them high-quality home maintenance services in Dubai.As one of the leading maintenance companies in Dubai, we provide maintenance services for both routine and emergency work, ensuring everything in your house is in excellent working condition. We are committed to using environmentally friendly processes and materials to supply sustainable, eco-friendly maintenance services in Dubai.


Alfaanalraqi makes it easier to get jobs done in and around your home, saving you time and money. Clean, fix, move, or renovate during a few clicks and with peace of mind. Alfaanalraqi was founded in 2010, out of the need to simplify the process of finding trustworthy and affordable skilled professionals. We use smart technology to match you with home service professionals that are vetted by us and reviewed by our customers.


Our customers enjoy an easy-to-use, convenient, and transparent online platform to seek out and book highly-rated Ustas for their homes. They can choose to select an Alfaan based on their rating, reviews, and experience, or let us match one for them. We provide both, quotes-based and on-demand booking options;

  • Book Now
  • an on-demand booking option with fixed prices, that instantly matches customers with our most trusted Alfaans. This is suitable for patrons that want convenience and peace of mind, above anything.

  • Get Quotes
  • a choice to receive multiple quotes from various negotiate price via built-in chat technology. This booking option is suitable for customers that are not in a hurry to get the job done, prefer to compare quotes from various professionals, and assign the Alfaan themselves.


We want to form the UAE and beyond, a far better place to measure in; one home, one community at a time. Our mission is to supply every home with the best-skilled professionals, the very best level of customer service, and at competitive prices.

Happy home, happy life.


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Alfannalraqi is a fully licensed and trusted company, with 10+ years of experience along with 150+ talented and experienced employees. We are ranked among the best Interior Fitout, Cleaning service, Painting Work, Gypsum False Ceiling, and Handyman Company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We offer unique and best matching solutions for all your interior designing purposes. We believe that high-quality installation & fixation is one of the most important factors in a good Interior system.We are a specialized and all-in-one approach to you for your (Home, Shop, Apartment, Building, Villa, Hotel, School,and Hospital) renovation maintenance or new project.

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