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Full Time Maids


If booking hourly cleaning sessions isn’t enough for you otherwise you got to hire a domestic who can help with multiple chores around the home, then you'll consider hiring a full-time maid. Since they’d be spending tons of your time with you and your family, you’d want to rent someone reliable, and there’s no better place to try to do so than Alfaanalraqi. we will get you in-tuned with multiple companies that provide full time maids on a live-out and live-in basis. Request quotes now to seek out the proper full-time maids in Dubai for your home.

Part-time vs full-time maids

Deciding whether to rent a part-time or full-time maid in Dubai is often a touch of a little bit of a challenge. Part-time maids will certainly be less costly but the advantages of getting a full-time maid are outstanding. A full-time maid is going to be there for each task whether big or small. On top of that, you don’t get to worry about altering your schedule to match cleaning appointments once you hire a full-time maid. Find a reliable full-time maid in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman for your home on Alfaanalraqi today.

Things full-time maids can assist you with

A full-time maid in Dubai can assist you with far more than simply cleaning. counting on the terms and conditions of the contract, your maid also can help with cooking and babysitting. On top of that, albeit you don’t ask them to babysit, a full-time maid is going to be receiving all the time which suggests your children are going to be within the presence of an adult and your packages will always be picked up. to seek out the proper full-time maid for your needs, visit Alfaanalraqi.

Do you need someone trained person to manage your household chores? Don’t worry as you'll easily get domestic services in Dubai. Fortunately, there are numerous agencies from where you'll hire a maid in Dubai. These companies connect you with people that are consistent, reliable, and capable of managing different sorts of tasks reception. They run an entire background check of the helpers – work experience, police records, nationality, age, and get in touch with details. Once satisfied, they add their profiles to the database and make it visible to those checking out maids in Dubai.

You have two different compatible options to hire a full-time housekeeper or a part-time helper. Some people prefer sponsoring a maid from their home country and that speaks the home language as per clients. to seek out out more about the way to sponsor a maid in Dubai, take a glance at our detailed guide.


If you've got hired a domestic worker from abroad, you've got to use the visa from the overall Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA). you've got to urge a fitness certificate and submit 3 passport photos. Getting a traditional fitness test will cost you AED 325.In addition, you've got to pay AED 5000 to the Ministry of Labour per annum and take full responsibility for the full time maids in Dubai. you're obliged to hide their basic and incidental expenses like food or a health card. you've got to buy the flight to their home country, once every two years.

In case, a housemaid leaves the country before the agreement ends and without getting a no-objection letter from you, they're going to not be ready to add the UAE for 6 months. Such individuals will need to enter the country on a replacement visa.

We realize that a lot of our Dubai customers would like to possess their home cleaned by an equivalent maid whenever. that's why we send guarantee an equivalent cleaner on all weekly and biweekly bookings. We’re proud to supply a pool of the friendliest, most experienced, and fully-trained maids to satisfy the house cleaning needs of our Dubai customers.

Best Maids in Dubai

Do you actually need a housemaid in Dubai? 4 reasons why you ought to have one.Dubai, one of the busiest and developed cities in the world, is moving ahead at a rapid pace on a daily basis even if on an hourly basis it'll have its repercussion in your personal life also. You would like to support you to manage your day to day activities in your busy life. This becomes quite obvious when your family grows and you do not have time to attend to every and each household matter. Here are the 5 most important reasons why you ought to have a housemaid in Dubai.

  • Saves your precious time
  • From cooking to washing to cleaning, the household work is tiring and endless. Having trained Alfaanalraqi maids in Dubai saves your precious time which may be utilized for more productive purposes.

  • Professional service
  • Most of the housemaids here are conversant in providing professional cleaning services in Dubai. They know the varied products and equipment to use for the varied task at hand. This makes their work perfect.

  • You have a full-time job
  • If you've got a 9-5 job, then it's going to not be possible for you to attend to every and each work at the home. Housemaids Dubai can assist you in reducing your burden and thereby providing a more relaxing time.

  • You have elderly people or children reception
  • If you've got elderly people or kids at home they require constant care and a spotlight. Hiring a maid service allows you to spend more quality time with them.

We are offering full time maids cleaning services in Dubai at affordable rates Dubai. Whether you're trying to find cleaning your home or whether you're looking to urge your office cleaned in order that your employees can have a more productive working environment. Alfaanalraqi cleaning services with our very efficient maids in Dubai can assist you clean and also offer you up to many more services.

The absolute best maids in Dubai

Our maids are professionally trained and with immense experience in cleaning and providing a satisfying environment for those that want to ascertain their place turned perfect. maids who have a wealth of experience and a flexible skillset. they're the simplest among any maid agency in Dubai.

  • Versatile
  • Here at Alfaanalraqi, our maids are trained in order that they're versatile at the cleaning services that they will dispense. they will clean several locations whether residence or office using the simplest equipment that matches things. Moreover, they will switch from being just mere cleaners to performing other specialized skills like pet care, laundry and ironing, and sitting services. the flexibility of our part-time maids in Dubai makes our agency one among the foremost coveted in Dubai.

  • Punctual and Affordable
  • Our services are relatively affordable than the other maid services that you simply might find anywhere here in Dubai. Our cleaning services confirm that though the worth could below; the standard of the cleaning isn't compromised. We always confirm that the standard remains stellar throughout. we frequently come up with offers and other incentives that you simply will most definitely find attractive.

    Moreover, we confirm that the cleaning is completed quickly and consistently with time. Since we charge our maid cleaning services, we confirm that our part-time maids are cleaning your house or your office space for less than the hours that you simply specified them to be there. In this manner, we confirm that maid cleaning occurs only to your liking and consistent with the way you'd want within your specified time-frame.

Cleaning Services

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