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Gypsum Partition


Professional Gypsum Partition Installation Company

If you plan to install gypsum wall partitions in your office or home, please contact Alfaanalraqi. Alfaanalraqi is a trusted company that provides high-quality partition and installation services at the best prices in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Our experts can influence small installation projects and large projects. Experienced team members focus on every detail before the wall partition is installed, such as width, height, thickness, length, edges and applied materials. Zoning is the perfect way to add extra dimension to your store, home, or whatever you want. If you would like to learn more about our affordable and high performance solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Forget about worries and relax on the couch!

Create a replacement space in your bedroom or office by installing wall partitions by our professional contractors

Drywall Dubai

Alfaanalraqi specializes in creating and installing partitions that are the perfect way to create partitions in your work environment. Our partitions can help you divide your store to highlight different products and ranges, and we install straight and curved solutions made from a variety of different materials.

Alfaanalraqi wall partition solution is non-load bearing, stylish, easy to install, decent but strong, including drywall screws attached to both sides of the UC metal frame (rails and studs), and tape and filler of joints Promotes uniformity Smooth and uniform surface. We give our clients complete freedom to choose any color, texture, and pattern for gypsum board partitions. We ensure the incredible durability and elegance of high-quality plaster partitions. The gypsum board is cut to the appropriate size. Members of our professional team can install all types of plaster to create a new space for your office, home or restaurant. We can install:

  • Plain gypsum board
  • Moisture-proof gypsum board
  • Gypsum board
  • Paperless gypsum board
  • X type gypsum board
  • Soundproof gypsum board and so on.

To install your favorite type of drywall, please let us know.

  • Our exclusive plaster segmentation and installation services
  • Detailed area inspection before installing wall partitions
  • Provide high-quality installation services for commercial, residential and industrial use
  • Choose the right tools for the right job
  • Install lightweight plasterboard
  • Provide high-quality The gypsum board provides installation solutions according to your requirements
  • Affordable commercial projects and home installation

Drywall Suppliers in UAE

We have the support of highly qualified and experienced team members. Our professional zoning method enables us to provide clients with high-quality results with beautiful, elegant, and high-quality zoning services. These services are completed by experts and experts using high-quality equipment and the latest technology. We always use quality materials from recognized and experienced suppliers. These products are provided to customers at affordable prices.

Alfaanalraqi is an expert in installing unique gypsum ceilings, which are popular for their precise finishes, exquisite design and attractive patterns. Our services are completed by our senior management team, who have extensive experience in their respective fields. To meet the precise needs of customers, we offer a wide range of gypsum ceiling services. We use high-quality eco-friendly materials to install suspended ceilings in your home. Our contractors are experienced in installing different types of ceilings, such as

  • Gypsum ceilings
  • Popular ceilings
  • Paris plaster ceilings
  • Wood ceilings
  • Metal ceilings
  • Fiber ceilings

Synthetic leather ceilings, and many other types of false ceiling. Choose your favorite ceiling design and color, and notify our contractor to add elegance to your home.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Quality Gypsum Installation Services:

  • Affordable False Ceiling Contractors for Long Term Projects
  • Affordable Offers for Commercial and Industrial Contractors
  • Simple, Fast and Efficient Installation Methods
  • Highly Decorated or Pre-Processed Suspended Ceiling
  • Easy installation of lighting, accessories and air conditioning
  • Work done in a fixed time
  • Hidden rough surfaces
  • Availability of different colors and design options
  • Installation of soundproof ceilings with excellent sound absorption quality
  • Quick installation with modern technology
  • Offers 95% moisture resistance and increased durability
  • 100% safety and flame retardant materials

Meet the best drywall contractors in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman; our company makes drywall / drywall and gypsum in ceiling project area. There are professional drywall contractors in this area. Ideal contractor for Dubai drywall and gypsum ceilings.

Gypsum partition in UAE

Generally, the thickness of the wall partition is 10 cm, with or without insulation. To make drywall, we use the following materials

  • GI Track
  • GI Stud.
  • Self Drilling Screw
  • 1 inch Gyspum Square
  • Gypsum Board ( 1.2 x 2.4m)
  • Bonding Tape
  • Gypsum Composite and Sheathing Material

It is very common to get drywall to add Dubai. Some people do this because they need private space, and some do it to prevent children from entering the kitchen area. We even have a team selected to renovate the Dubai office.

Small wall plaster project

The cost of making a small wall of 3-5 square meters is not too expensive, because we have to spend a whole day with plasterers and painters to make small walls, which will have an impact on the sudden rise in prices . To make wall partitions in the office or at home, you should always consider using qualified professionals for these tasks.

The zoning work of the Dubai Alternative Trade Exhibition Center

Alfaanalraqi Services recently completed a 300 square meter roof project in 48 hours. Several tasks are parallel to our work. We were asked to finish the cast within the stipulated time without any excuse. To complete the drywall project, six groups of drywall carpenters and three groups of painters are needed to complete the project. To be precise, we used fire retardant gypsum board for 85 minutes and the sink channel, C channel and GI angle of the correct quality. For painting, we used Terraco Joint Compound, drywall, No. 120 sandpaper, National Primer and stucco, and National Emulsion Paint.

High quality Dubai wood kitchen screen and sliding doors

We recently received a request for a kitchen partition because it is an open kitchen and the lady of the house has a baby. Many people like open kitchens, but sometimes they shouldn't be open for the safety of their babies. After an intense discussion with the owner, we came up with the idea to remodel the kitchen wall. In the picture below, you will see that the kitchen partition works with the door at the entrance of the kitchen and is affected by the kitchen.

Kitchen ceiling replaced by gypsum board ceiling

We recently received an inquiry requesting that the ceiling be replaced with a suspended gypsum board ceiling. In the image below, you will see 60 x 60 tiles, which we replaced with suspended gypsum board ceilings. The kitchen ceiling area is about 20 square meters, and our goal is to replace it with gypsum board. First, we removed the existing accessories and installed flush and C-shaped channels on the concrete wall and provided them with the necessary support. Please refer to the picture below; you will see the sink for gypsum board and the appropriate C-slot fixtures.


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Alfannalraqi is a fully licensed and trusted company, with 10+ years of experience along with 150+ talented and experienced employees. We are ranked among the best Interior Fitout, Cleaning service, Painting Work, Gypsum False Ceiling, and Handyman Company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We offer unique and best matching solutions for all your interior designing purposes. We believe that high-quality installation & fixation is one of the most important factors in a good Interior system.We are a specialized and all-in-one approach to you for your (Home, Shop, Apartment, Building, Villa, Hotel, School,and Hospital) renovation maintenance or new project.

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