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Office Cleaning


We offer the kind of office cleaning service you want in Dubai. This cleaning service can create what your business is and do, thus making your business environment more efficient and vibrant. We will clean any type of company, and we will not show any bias or prejudice. We not only clean the office space, but also the warehouse and other connected buildings.

We are professional

Our office cleaning services are based on professionalism and impeccable precision at all times. We all know that you just want to have a clean environment suitable for your Dubai office, and this is what we will generally provide. We will clean rooms of any size and niche. We develop customized cleaning plans to take into account differences in size and niche in order to provide the most effective cleaning. Not all companies are the same; therefore, we treat each business differently, but the cleaning is usually done by a team.

We have versatile professional maids in a wide range of cleaning services including house cleaning. This shows that it is easy for them to change from house cleaning in Dubai to the best office cleaning, because they need inherent expertise to clean any type of surrounding enterprises, whether it is a commercial area, a small and medium-sized enterprise or a company. The size and spaciousness are not a drag. Your commercial company can be the place where we want to show our cleaning capabilities.

We respect your confidentiality

We know that there is a great deal of sensitive data in the office environment. You want to have absolute protection for these things. Once we get to cleaning the office space, we respect this confidentiality. It will never interfere with any of its properties. We only provide you with the simplest and quality office cleaning in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman there. This is usually one of the basic principles of our cleaning services.

We employ well-trained caregivers who are trained to appear in a non-invasive manner to maintain courtesy in your workplace. In addition, we provide you with the ability to calculate non-working hours, so that your normal working hours are not hindered. Once you use our office cleaning service in Dubai, we will use environmentally friendly cleaning tools to meet international industry standards. In addition, we help you identify the key issues that cause cleaning challenges and your location. In this way, you can know the current stage and the latest information that you will get after using our superior Dubai office cleaning service.

Is not just your office

Of course, our cleaning services are not limited to your office, we will also clean your other ancillary buildings, including warehouses, staff apartments, garages, etc. In fact, we will dispatch staff to effectively clean your own commercial building. Our scope is very wide and we confirm that the cleaning of the office is done to perfection.

Office Cleaning & Maintainance Services

To maintain 100% productivity, the company must keep the facilities clean and organized. Different studies have shown that dirty places are often the cause of unproductive environments and employees' lack of interest in work. Therefore, we provide professional cleaning services in Dubai to help you deal with the challenges that hinder your business growth and achieve your monthly sales targets. New Omniyat provides the best office cleaning services carefully designed in Dubai, which can be easily integrated into your work mode and provide an elite-quality service experience.

Second, a poorly run business can undermine your public perception in its heyday, especially when a large number of potential customers visit your office. We provide cleaning services in Dubai, not only to help you maintain a pleasant working environment, but also to maintain a positive and clean image in the eyes of your customers. In this way, you can get two benefits by using Alfaanalraqi's cleaning services in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. While you are preventing the licensing trend from developing in your office, once you invite potential investors or clients to your office, you will also establish a positive image for your company.

Immediately call 058 590 5841 to arrange our cleaning service, make your office an ideal place to work, and impress your potential customers with well-managed facilities.


Our cleaning services range from small and medium enterprises to large companies. Our professional office cleaning services in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman can provide you with the best level of service from the early morning to ensure everything is ready for the start of a busy day. Our maids are dedicated, well-trained and experienced, and make sure they complete the cleaning on time. In Alfaanalraqi, we provide the following office cleaning services at affordable prices:

  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Workplace cleaning

Alfaanalraqi Alfaanal provides customized office care solutions for organizations so you can easily Tailor a refreshing office environment according to your business needs and budget. Because we believe that every business is unique and every customer is special, we encourage you to meet with them during the conference. We will better understand your office environment and discuss your specific requirements.

  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • When we talk about understanding your office environment, it is not unique to most office spaces, but can include warehouses and other on-site facilities. Once we got there and investigated these facilities, we scanned all areas, including warehouses. In fact, warehouse cleaning can be a supplementary service, and we are the experts in it. Whether you are in and around the company, or in special facilities, our cleaning experts will come here with the intention of cleaning the world and provide effective services.

  • Customized Solution
  • In Dubai, you will find that maintaining the office itself is a feat that requires a high degree of dedication and energy. Office environments need to be conducive to productive work, and to achieve this in Dubai, a lot of things need to be shut down. Well, cleaning is a few things you don't need to worry about, because once our maid arrives on site, we will start to develop a customized strategy for your company.

  • Healthy Business
  • No matter what type of business you are operating, you need to clean regularly to ensure the safety of your office or warehouse environment, so as to obtain an absolutely healthy working environment. The simplest working companies are those with 100% healthy employees who will be ready to produce the specified results without downtime. This is the reason why our maids are in high demand, because they come to clean all the pathogens' premises, so that their employees have fewer vacations and more working days.

  • Clean up your customers
  • Offices are places that must be kept clean, not only for workers, but also for any potential customers who may enter your premises. The company relies on Alfaanalraqi maids because they understand that the commercial space needs to be separated from the cleanliness of the residential space, and these are the services we provide to the company at an affordable and feasible price. When your customers walk into your office or check the durability of your warehouse, you will win their absolute trust, because the service we provide will create an absolutely perfect area.

Cleaning Services

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