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Painting Service in Dubai


The wall painting is that which is done directly on a wall or wall. Throughout history, many motifs have been explored through this type of art that dates back to prehistoric times. Today we will talk about Dubai wall painting service in dubai. But before this, we want to know about wall painting history.

History of wall painting

It could be said that wall art dates back to rock painting, this being its first form of representation and one of the oldest artistic expressions in the world. In those prehistoric times, man reflected his daily life directly on the walls of the caves.Later, when civilizations were much more advanced and already had cities, the artistic mural was in charge of adorning various walls belonging to squares, houses, temples, public spaces, etc.If wall paint had something in common with rock art, it is that both have been used to capture the common activities of men from each period. However, in antiquity times in Dubai, it also had religious overtones.During the revival, there is an evolution towards UAE, a great example of this are those that are located in Dubai state, and that include works of art by the most important artists.Later centuries, wall painting evolved, especially in cities such as Sharjah, although also in other cities of UAE was one of its greatest exponents. Dubai and Arab muralism, more than an artistic current, was a social movement.

Definition of wall painting

Mural painting is a painting technique that uses a wall as a support, that is, a bidiminesional space, to be able to represent any type of figurative art. Figurative art technique that uses a wall as a support.What they make of it, a two-dimensional art modality. Despite this, if we stop to look at some of the wall paintings, the idea of ​​"two-dimensional" is just theory. 

On certain occasions, the purpose of this type of painting may be to provide a sense of depth in space. In this case, we could be talking about the wall painting. A type of painting where depth and space play a primary role.

What are the characteristics of Dubai wall painting services?

Our trained painters in Dubai compel sure that your abode is left in a clean and fit state. Before we say that a project is finished, one of our painters or project managers will do a final walk-through with the owner of the home to require sure our employment met or exceeded expectations. Our Painters in Dubai specializes in house picture service Dubai and villa painting Dubai. We do conclude the Interior Wall and Ceiling third art for house and country house. We also undertake a Villa Exterior Painting office in Dubai. We usually work with our clients to opt for the type of paints and texture that are appropriate for the necessity of their hotel and villa.

We Provide Painting Service in dubai For Jotun Lady

  • Finish Texture
  • Stucco Texture Paint
  • Gypsum Paint
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Hallway Painting
  • Basement Painting
  • Door Painting
  • Dining Painting
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Bedroom Painting
  • Ceiling Painting

When we empty audience painting service Dubai stab, we do not bound to another jut in the middle of it, just to satisfy another customer. Your house painting service outshoot will retain the attention, care, and professional craftsmanship it treats. We will stay with your project continuously from start to conclusion. Contact us today and find out why Alfaanalraqi.com is the best choice for your House Painting Service for those living in Dubai.

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With the right stain of effecting house painting service, purchaser office, and immense prices, Alfaanalraqi.com is the right choice in Dubai. Call us at +971 585905841. All Services House Painting Service DubaiVilla Painting DubaiPainting Services in DubaiPainting Contractors in DubaiWallpaper InstallationTiling and FlooringBlog House Painting Service Dubai Contact Us Image Gallery Interior Painting Apartment Painting Interior Painting Apartment Painting.

Home sacred text Apartment Painting Services Online

Our Professional painters and interior designers in Dubai can control any painting thrust you've waiting for.Other painting companies in Dubai could also be out on their pickup cars while the primary coat of paint is drying, but Alfaanalraqi.com trust during complete interior painting services that guarantee the standard of your home's New Look. From color consultation to adding finishing textural touches, you will get the walls you would like and zip less. No material whether your poverty, whole house painting service Dubai or just a weak room, we have the suitable painters in Dubai to betroth the job is done right.

All of our painting services come complete with crack filling, putty, and everything else that's necessary to contribute a new description that you'll love. Our technical painting ability is where we caper, but our tribe painting office Dubai, SHarjah, and Ajman customers have also come to advance the other things we do that force a difference. From completely protecting your furniture before beginning to ensuring that there is not one drop of paint on the ground once we leave, Alfaanalraqi.com is attached to delivering the kind of service that we might want for ourselves. Alfaanalraqi.com is a professional full-service house painting service in Dubai interior and exterior paint contractor. Our goal is to always focus on high-quality products while providing excellent service and only using and recommending high-quality exterior and interior portray and coatings.


At times Dubai Paint Companies price would be above some "Painter on Pick-up car" or other freelancer company. We know that people are willing to pay a little bit more for quality and business service. When the low price was the foremost important affair we attempted to convince our customer since we at Alfaanalraqi.com know that house is where the guts is albeit it is a Rented Property. We do not compromise with Quality. Due to our No Compromise with Quality policy, we have earned regard as a premier house painting office Dubai painting contractor with an extensive range of capabilities. Whether your home third art outshoot requires inward painting or outside painting.


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Alfannalraqi is a fully licensed and trusted company, with 10+ years of experience along with 150+ talented and experienced employees. We are ranked among the best Interior Fitout, Cleaning service, Painting Work, Gypsum False Ceiling, and Handyman Company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We offer unique and best matching solutions for all your interior designing purposes. We believe that high-quality installation & fixation is one of the most important factors in a good Interior system.We are a specialized and all-in-one approach to you for your (Home, Shop, Apartment, Building, Villa, Hotel, School,and Hospital) renovation maintenance or new project.

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